Galway Courthouse
Culture Night 2020
Fri 18 September 8:00pm - 10:00pm

in association with Galway Court Service

As evenings fell in the Pleistocene, Homo heidelbergensis stared into the campfire and saw visions of the future in the heart of the flames. And almost certainly, even in the absence of language, they responded with music.

Three hundred thousand years later, the music is still with us and in us, and an information-age campfire awaits your voice. Part AI, part human, part dream, the Three Dream Echo waits silently in the pixels to take up your sound and answer.

At once compelling and unnerving, the Three Dream Echo continues a series of live interactive pieces by Philip Fogarty, inviting you to explore the hybrid space of the person as simultaneous listener and performer, and not just to make, but to be, your own symphony.

First staged in compliance with Autumn 2020 Covid 19 regulations