Gregarious, vocal, curious, endlessly interactive and communicative, humans tirelessly engage with their social structures and hierachies, and in so doing, forge, on the truly visceral level of audio, their very own intricate and labyrinthine symphonies of sound.

THE BIRDS captures ambient human sounds in the performance space and combines them in real time as elements in a live piece, with those present becoming a part of the performance.

First presented in conjunction with Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust as part of the Galway City programme for Culture Night 2017.

This project would not be possible without the assistance of Galway City Council, the Galway City Arts Office and Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust; their support is gratefully acknowledged.

Philip Fogarty

Credits for Culture Night 2017, Galway City:

Sound - Ivan Murray
Light and display - Cue One
Site managment - Claire McLoughlin
Logistics - Fiona O'Dea
Photography - Timothée Cognard

with very special thanks to
   Margaret Flannery, Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust
   James C. Harrold, Galway City Arts Officer
   Mike O’Halloran