with EHT 231

songs for animals remixes

drawing from material from the philip fogarty "songs for animals" * sessions, the artist collaborated with project mixers EHT 231 in producing some reworkings of the tracks, the results of which have not, as now, been released; one track only is featured here in this section.

"beautiful corrosion: 130 overture", one of the fruits of this collaboration, is in marked contrast to the style of the original which can be heard in the main downloads area of this site.

other tracks may be added to this section in the future.

* songs for animals will appear in the downloads area of philipfogarty.com in spring 2006

click to listen:

     beautiful corrosion: 130 overture (clip)

         (clip time 1.30, 96kbps, file size 1.02 mb - for slower
         connections, right click and select "save target as...")   

     track time: 4.45
     mp3, 6.35 mb, 192kbps

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