Presented by Music for Galway:


with Yseult Cooper Stockdale

A performance piece for the Galway Cello before its live debut

This work was performed live from Cork and Galway during lockdown in Ireland for the Covid 19 pandemic, via Music for Galway's Facebook presence, April 2020.

In a moment where the woods of Galway, birthplace of the Galway Cello, lie open to silent skies as the world comes to grips with a global pandemic, two Irish musicians enter into a correspondence with the resonances of the newly-made and yet-unplayed instrument. Using Kelly-Marie Murphy's 2017 'Book of Elegant Feelings' as a starting-point for a new dialogue between the acoustic, the electronic and the virtual in realtime, cellist Yseult Cooper Stockdale plays live from Cork City in collaboration with Philip Fogarty live on electronica from Galway and the resonances of the Galway Cello, in an internet broadcast via Music for Galway's Facebook presence.

This performance had as its genesis the Galway Cello itself, brainchild of Philip Fogarty, a newly-crafted instrument which stands as centrepiece for Music for Galway's new CELLISSIMO festival, the first edition of which was to begin on April 25 2020. Yseult Cooper Stockdale was to perform at the opening of The Cello Exhibition, an event dedicated to the Galway Cello, on 17 April 2020 in Gallery 126, Galway City. Following the cancellation of these events, she entered into an online collaboration with Philip.

The resultant performance, themed on the Galway Cello, explores the constraints, possibilities and new horizons afforded by live internet collaboration as opposed to pre-recorded work.

with special thanks to
   Anna Lardi
   Finghin Collins
   Rob D'Eath

The artists gratefully acknowledge the subsequent support of the Arts Council via the Covid-19 Crisis Response Award 2020

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